Break Fix Support

Streamline the process of acquiring support for breakages 

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On hand to fix any problem

Break-fix support can fix any issue in as little time as possible. Problems can be resolved remotely, or, if need be, onsite visits can be arranged in emergencies. By doing this, we can get your clients back up and running as soon as possible.

Minimise downtime and get systems back up and running, allowing clients to focus on their business.

Our support allows your clients to have complete control over their IT needs. Being on call means that support is initiated when help is wanted.

How it works

Maintaining and ensuring equipment is intact is essential in this digital age. A break-fix model means that if something becomes broken, our experts can react when needed.

Whether your clients run a large or small business, this solution best suits your needs regarding hardware issues.

Key Features

  • React in emergencies 
  • No monthly fees or contract 
  • Full control
  • Single points of contact
  • Ease of use

How Do Cloud Servers Benefit Your Clients?

Hardware covered

Servers hosted on our Cloud benefit from high-performance managed hardware, with automatic backups for total peace of mind. Industry-leading security helps your customers to achieve GDPR compliance. Our servers are built with N+2 redundancy across multiple data centres, providing 100% uptime and 99% availability.

You’re in control

Every aspect of server management can be customised to suit you. A fully managed environment with your choice of operating system, managed virtual hardware with total freedom to configure to your customers’ requirements, or anything in between - our platform and support levels can scale to suit your needs.

Single point of contact

From the network to the server hardware, our Cloud platform is wholly owned and operated in-house by our expert team. This means we can offer complete dedicated support 24/7.

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