Leased Lines

Customised private network service 

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No shared line means no compromise

Atmoso's leased line solution guarantees uninterrupted, lightning-fast internet speeds for your client's businesses.

With a dedicated connection, you can effortlessly share large files, host crystal-clear video calls, and seamlessly run all cloud-based applications without worrying about losing your connection. Plus, as your clients' businesses grow and demand more bandwidth, our dedicated lines won't be affected, ensuring your clients' businesses run smoothly at all times.

How it works

A leased line is an exclusive, ultra-secure internet connection that delivers faster and more consistent speeds than standard broadband connections, which typically share bandwidth between multiple users.

Opting for a leased line means your clients will have a direct, dedicated connection that ensures their data transfers and online activities are lightning-fast and super reliable.

Key Features

  • High-speed connections¬†
  • 24-internet service, especially at peak times
  • Reliable connection¬†
  • Dedicated bandwidth

How Do Cloud Servers Benefit Your Clients?


Enhance your client's productivity with guaranteed lightning-fast speeds, even during peak usage hours, ensuring they can work efficiently and effectively.


Achieve optimal connectivity for your clients with our state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring system, ensuring a 99% connection success rate. Say goodbye to frustrating dropouts and keep your clients consistently connected.

High Speeds

Boost the online experience for your clients with lightning-fast connection speeds that stay consistent, even during those peak usage hours. Switch to Atmoso internet service and provide your clients with the uninterrupted and hassle-free browsing experience they deserve.

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