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The modern way to work

In our modern mobile world, many of us use multiple devices to work - an office computer, a home computer, a laptop, mobiles and tablets. Creating a unified infrastructure enabling you to work seamlessly between these devices can be a challenge, to say the least.

Cloud PC enables your customers to use all these devices as “windows” into a unified platform. Applications, email and more, accessible with true mobility and continuity.

How it works

For the end user, Cloud PC functions like an ordinary PC. The user logs in to find their desktop, files and applications, just as they’d expect. The difference is their desktop isn’t on their PC; it’s hosted in the cloud.

Choose from “quick start” shared hosting with Windows OS and standard apps like Microsoft Office, or build your own private environment with bespoke software and your choice of operating system and deployed applications.

Key Features

  • 99.982% uptime (1.6 hours downtime annually)
  • Leading-edge technology Enterprise platforms and VMWare vSAN
  • Robust and redundant Tier-3 data centres with N+1 redundancy
  • Capex-free pricing model - No upfront costs
  • Fully managed by our expert team We handle site surveys, installs, maintenance and updates, first-line support and data migration
  • Integrate new or existing hosted email
  • Infrastructure innovated over 14 years
  • Bespoke set up within days
  • Deployed to 1,000’s users worldwide
  • £Millions spent on developing our true private cloud network underpinning all enterprise solutions we offer
  • What Does Cloud PC Mean for Your Client?

    Business continuity & mobility

    Fully resilient, fully redundant solutions mean your business can insure against local disasters, such as office fires, transport strikes, or severe weather conditions that would prevent staff from working at the office. Users can access their cloud PC from anywhere, working from home or a temporary location in times of disaster, guaranteeing business continuity.

    Infrastructure & maintenance

    Atmoso’s extensive infrastructure using the latest technology allows our system to be updated and expanded without you needing to change anything. Proactive management by Atmoso removes the burden and cost for you.

    Cloud backup & recovery

    Atmoso provides a highly secure and automated method of safeguarding business data by storing and archiving customer data as required. This allows you to meet any legal requirements and gives you peace of mind that your data is safe, secure, and protected. Data is securely backed up and can be replicated to multiple devices and locations to ensure additional security and availability if required.

    Software & applications

    Atmoso Cloud PC allows us to publish the latest software and applications directly to your desktop, removing the headaches of software management, significant purchases, and any need for specialised hardware and support. Whether it is a standard Microsoft© suite or a bespoke application that you require, each desktop is tailored to the individual user via a pay-as-you-go licensing model.

    Secure, centralised datastore

    Atmoso infrastructure ensures users have access to a centralised network drive and storage array with the added comfort of applying security policies on a per-user basis. Having a fully resilient hyper-converged data store protects data being stored locally and helps manage version controls.

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