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A web appliance to their entire domain

Cloud Server is a virtual server solution offering several advantages over on-premise or dedicated server hardware.

As a virtual solution, Server's key draw is its flexibility. Resources can be scaled quickly to meet demand, and virtual environments are quick to deploy.

The virtual environment can be customised to meet any customer requirements, and any operating system can be provisioned.

Being hosted via our Cloud platform, Server environments can be accessed from anywhere, eliminating the expense of running, maintaining and upgrading on-premise hardware.
Cloud PC enables your customers to use all these devices as "windows" into a unified platform—applications, email and more accessibility with true mobility and continuity.

How it works

Maintaining a business's systems is crucial in our connected age, and providing your customers with their own highly resilient cloud servers allows them to do just that and maintain complete control.

Whether you're running fully-fledged enterprise applications servicing thousands of users or simply hosting a customer-facing website, our selection of server options is built to fulfil various purposes to the specification your customers need.

Key Features

  • High-performance enterprise hardware
  • VMWare vSAN storage
  • Flexible and scalable - Easily adjust resource allocation to suit your customers’ requirements
  • Multiple Robust Tier 3 data centres with N+1 redundancy
  • 99.982% uptime (1.6 hours downtime annually)
  • Enterprise backup architecture for complete business continuity and recovery
  • Different availability zones provide cost-effective options to work with the software solutions
  • How Do Cloud Servers Benefit Your Clients?


    Servers hosted on our Cloud benefit from high-performance managed hardware, with automatic backups for total peace of mind. Industry-leading security helps your customers to achieve GDPR compliance. Our servers are built with N+2 redundancy across multiple data centres, providing 100% uptime and 99% availability.

    You’re in control

    Every aspect of server management can be customised to suit you. A fully managed environment with your choice of operating system, managed virtual hardware with total freedom to configure to your customers’ requirements, or anything in between - our platform and support levels can scale to suit your needs.

    Expert support

    From the network to the server hardware, our Cloud platform is wholly owned and operated in-house by our expert team. This means we can offer complete dedicated support, 24/7.

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