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We work with our customers to help them deliver a fantastic customer experience, creating multi-cloud, multi-connected environments that are secure and simple from end user to application.

Connectivity is central to every solution we deliver, and with the changing needs of your business and customers, it's time to rethink your network.

How it works

For the end user, Cloud PC functions like an ordinary PC. The user logs in to find their desktop, files and applications, just as expected. The difference is their desktop isn't on their PC; it's hosted in the cloud.

Choose from "quick start" shared hosting with Windows OS and standard apps like Microsoft Office, or build your own private environment with bespoke software and your choice of operating system and deployed applications.

Key Benefits

  • Converged voice and data networks
  • Super-fast connectivity
  • Network infrastructure
  • Data Centre hosting
  • Network design and consultancy

Keep Your Clients Connected with Our Wide Range
Of Connectivity Options

Every year, the amount of data we store and transmit grows unprecedentedly. To counter this, we invest in bigger storage devices and more powerful hardware. However, our Internet connections often need to catch up despite being the core data avenue.

No one should be left behind as the "big data" revolution continues. That's why we offer a wide range of connectivity options. We'll work with you to find a solution that truly suits your business and connectivity demands.

High Speed Connectivity

It is vital that your business has secure, superfast, responsive and reliable connectivity. Depending on your location, we can offer you faster alternatives which can significantly impact your daily operations and potentially save you money.

Data Centre Hosting

We can offer you a virtual or dedicated cloud-based server environment located in our secure data centre, allowing you the flexibility to access your data from anywhere.

Network Infrastructure

We provide a flexible network environment optimised to evolve based on your changing needs and opportunities. Whether LAN or WAN to support your team or remote working solutions to aid employees on the go, we have the solution for you.

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