Access to a skilled team of engineers and specialists compared to employing a single individual

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Why choose Atmoso?

We provide a full suite of cloud hosted products, but it’s not just about maintaining these product sets. We also offer both a fixed and an unlimited support service (subject to fair use).

With this service, you can use your allocated hours across our entire UK based team for any professional work required, you can contact them via a dedicated support line.

We effectively become an outsourced IT department, an extension of any existing IT support freeing you of the day-to-day management of your infrastructure. Our Managed IT Services allow you to maintain your focus on your business’s core objectives while we focus on keeping things running.

An Extension to your support team

Rapid Response Times

We provide immediate access to specialist support in the event of an IT emergency

Minimise Downtime

We ensure your IT systems are stable and that there is a contingency plan in place should there be any kind of breach or failure so you can continue to operate

Future Proof

Keeping abreast of technology, our team are proactive and evolve with changes in the IT landscape to enhance our service levels

Cost Effective

24-hour support need not break the bank; outsourcing emergency IT support to a specialist is an economical solution

Migrate Risk

Through monitoring and routine maintenance, we implement security measures to protect your business and prevent emergencies

Dedicated Numbers

Our dedicated support numbers, identify you and your clients with customisable greeting messages, whether you are a reseller or an end-user

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